CMBD trainees go on to excel in a diverse array of fields in both the public and private sectors.  Below is a break-down of the activities of our alumni from the past 10 years (2007-present).Our trainees and alumni encompass various areas of expertise.  Below is a sampling of the different areas of expertise our trainees possess.

Area of Expertise Contact
3D human epidermal equivalents Rosa Ventrella
Bacterial genetic manipulation Hannah Gavin, Nathan Pincus
Bioinformatics Adam Hockenberry, Nathan Waldeck, Nathan Pincus
Biostatistics Adam Hockenberry, Nathan Waldeck
ChIP-qPCR Meredith Sommars, Jake VanBelzen
ChIP-seq Meredith Sommars, Sara Fossum, Anna Woo, Nathan Waldeck, Sarah Lloyd, Jake VanBelzen
Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) Kavi Mehta
Cloning Kavi Mehta, Kyle Obergfell
Cloning (Bacterial) Kyle Obergfell
Complex systems Adam Hockenberry
Confocal microscopy Danielle Fanslow, Lauren Kraft, Pamela Agbu, Lubov Grigoryeva, John Seeler, Andrew Montequin, Bryan Eder, David Gittin
DNA and RNA Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) Danielle Fanslow, David Gittin, Bryan Eder
ELISA Pamela Agbu, Samantha Genardi
ELI-SPOT Samantha Genardi
Endothelial cell culture Kylee Morrison
Flow Cytometry Samantha Genardi, Ashley Queener, Nathan Waldeck
Fluorescence Microscopy Lubov Grigoryeva, John Seeler
Genome evolution Adam Hockenberry
Gibson cloning Kylee Morrison
hepatic glycogen extraction Meredith Sommars
Hepatic lipid extraction Meredith Sommars
Host-pathogen relationships in an intranasal mouse model of infection Jeremy Ritzert
 Long-Range PCR Jake VanBelzen
Immunofluorescence Microscopy Carissa Heath, David Gittin, Roas Ventrella, Kavi Mehta
Immunohistochemistry Rexxi Prasasya
Immunoprecipitation Danielle Fanslow, Jessica Lenoir
Intraepithelial Injection Samantha Genardi
Intravenous Injection Samantha Genardi, Nathan Pincus
In vitro models of polarized intestinal epithelia; associated visualization and functional assays Hannah Gavin
IP-WB Meredith Sommars
Keratinocyte Isolation Kavi Mehta
KSHV production from bacmid containing producer cell line Kylee Morrison
LacO array system Danielle Fanslow
Lentiviral Knockdown and Expression Kavi Mehta
cryosectioning Meredith Sommars, Ashley Queener, Nathan Waldeck
Low-input ChIP Alexandra Garcia Moreno
Luciferase reporter assays Kylee Morrison, Jessica Lenoir, Madeline Rollins
Mammalian Cell Culture Kavi Mehta, Sara Fossum, Samantha Genardi, Jessica Lenoir, John Seeler, Anna Woo, Madeline Rollins, Emma Schuster, Sarah Lloyd
Metabolic tolerance tests with mice (glucose, insulin, pyruvate, glycerol) Meredith Sommars
miRNA inhibition by sponges Kylee Morrison
Mouse embryo dissections Alexandra Garcia Moreno
Mouse models of cardiac disease Lubov Grigoryeva
Mouse models of gastrointestinal infection Hannah Gavin
Mouse Model of Systemic Infection Samantha Genardi, Nathan Pincus
Oocyte Microinjection Carissa Heath
ORO staining Meredith Sommars
Planarian work Alex Karge, David Gittin
Primary keratinocyte isolation Rosa Ventrella
Production of lentivirus for transduction/lentiviral transduction Kylee Morrison
Production of stably expressing human cell lines Danielle Fanslow, Jessica Lenoir, Madeline Rollins
Proximity Ligation Assay Kavi Mehta
qPCR Lubov Grigoryeva, Madeline Rollins, Jake VanBelzen
qRT-PCR (including the use of high-throughput robotics at NuCore HTAL) Rexxi Prasasya, Jessica Lenoir
Quantitative and population genetics Stefan Zdraljevic, Katie Evans
Quantitative fluorescence microscopy Stefan Zdraljevic
Ribopuromycylation method Danielle Fanslow
RNA extraction Meredith Sommars, Jessica Lenoir, Madeline Rollins, Kristin Johnson
RNA-seq Meredith Sommars, Sara Fossum, Anna Woo, Nathan Waldeck, Kristin Johnson, Bryan Eder, Sarah Lloyd
RNAi Alex Karge, David Gittin, Sarah Lloyd
Site-directed and Saturation Mutagenesis Kyle Obergfell, Jessica Lenoir
Southern Blot Kavi Mehta
Statistical programming Stefan Zdraljevic, Katie Evans
Transfection of miRNA mimics Kylee Morrison
Transgenic mouse work (including colony maintenance and neonatal mouse work) Rexxi Prasasya
Translational regulation Adam Hockenberry
Viral Systems Kavi Mehta
Western blot Rexxi Prasasya, Rosa Ventrella, Kavi Mehta, Pamela Agbu, Meredith Sommars, Kyle Obergfell, Danielle Fanslow, Sara Fossum, Kylee Morrison, Jessica Lenoir, Madeline Rollins, Emma Schuster
Whole-mount in situ hybridization Alex Karge, David Gittin, Kristin Johnson

siRNA-mediated knockdown of proteins

Sara Fossum
subcloing Jessica Lenoir
IP-WB Jessica Lenoir
Virus infection Jessica Lenoir
C. elegans Katie Evans
CRISPR/Cas9 Katie Evans, Bryan Eder, Jake VanBelzen
FPLC John Seeler
ICP-MS John Seeler
 Protein Purification John Seeler
Xenopus laevis John Seeler, Kristin Johnson, Andrew Montequin
Genomics Sarah Lloyd
Primary Cell Culture Sarah Lloyd
Structure and modeling (protein, RNA) Madeline Rollins
Polysome Profiling Madeline Rollins
Comparative Genomics Nathan Pincus
Bacterial Whole Genome Sequencing Nathan Pincus
Exosomes Emma Schuster
Bacterial Biofilms Garth Fisher
Image Analysis Garth Fisher
Mathematical Modeling Andrew Montequin
Yeast Jake VanBelzen