2016 Student Cohort

We had approximately 480 applications from across the country for the 9 spots in our 2016 CIERA REU program! Below you will find information about these very talented students who spent the 2016 summer with us.

Please click on each student’s name to visit their research website, which they each developed during their REU to present their research projects.





Students listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Joseph Arroyo
Illinois Institute Of Technology
(Physics, Astrophysics), Junior
Advisor: Dr. Eric Dahl
Project: Simulating Xenon Bubble Chambers for Dark Matter Detection

Valerie Becker
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
 (Physics), Sophomore
Advisor: Dr. David Meyer
Project: HST STIS Observations of Interstellar Chlorine

Michael Bueno
Haverford College (Astrophysics), Sophomore
Advisor: Dr. Shane Larson
Project: Multi-Messenger Astronomy: White Dwarf Binaries, LISA and GAIA

Josh Fuhrman
Carnegie Mellon University (Mechanical Engineering, Physics), Junior
Advisor: Dr. Fred Rasio
Project: Exploring Sources of Gravitational Waves from Star Cluster Dynamics

Beverly Lowell
Illinois Institute of Technology (Astrophysics), Junior
Advisors: Dr. André de Gouvea
Project: Understanding the Earth’s Composition through Neutrino Oscillations

Lupe MacIntosh
Harvey Mudd College (Physics, Mathematics), Sophomore
Advisor: Dr. Mel Ulmer
Project: An Automated Census Of Variable X-Ray Objects in the Direction of Clusters of Galaxies

Noah Rivera
California State University, San Bernardino (Physics, Computer Science), Junior
Advisor: Dr. Michael Schmitt
Project: Exoplanet Transit Analysis of KIC 8462852

Abraham Teklu
Oregon State University (Physics), Sophomore
Advisor: Dr. Alvin Bayliss

Project: How Does Mathematics Describe Life?

Yuqi Yun
Duke University (Physics, Mathematics), Sophomore
Advisor: Dr. Vicky Kalogera
Project: A Fast Method to Predict Distributions of Binary Black Hole Masses with Gaussian Process Regression

Additional Student Sites


David Rice
Northwestern University (Integrated Science, Physics & Astronomy, Earth & Planetary Science), Senior
Advisor: Dr. Jason H. Steffen
Project: Planetary System Instability

Laura Malis
Adlai E. Stevenson High School, Sophomore
Advisor: Dr. Aaron M. Geller
Project: Sub-subgiants within Kepler Data

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