2015 Student Cohort

We had approximately 400 applications from across the country for the 10 spots in our 2015 CIERA REU program! Below you will find information about these very talented students who spent the 2015 summer with us.

Please click on each student’s name to visit their research website, which they each developed during their REU to present their research projects.







Students listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Cesar Bustos
Northeastern Illinois University
(Physics), Junior
Advisor: Dr. Vicky Kalogera
Project: Determining Reliability of Existing Gravitational Waveforms in Parameter Estimation for Binary Black Holes

Casey Chu
Harvey Mudd College
(Math), Junior
Advisor: Dr. Yoram Lithwick
Project: Inferring the Gravitational Potential of the Milky Way

Eryn Cangi
University of Oregon (Physics), Sophomore
Advisor: Dr. Daniel Abrams
Project: Searching for Simpler Models of Astrophysical Synchronization

Mohammed Harris Khan
Northwestern University (Computer Science), Sophomore
Advisor: Dr. Fred Rasio
Project: Modeling Star Clusters Using CMC Program

Kayla Leonard
University of Texas at Austin (Astronomy, Physics), Sophomore
Advisors: Dr. André de Gouvea
Project: The Effects of Neutrino Decay on Oscillation Probabilities

Larissa Markwardt
University of Arkansas (Physics), Sophomore
Advisor: Dr. David Meyer
Project: A Search for Small-Scale Structure in the Interstellar Medium

Jason Parks
Olive Harvey College (Computer Engineering), Sophomore
Advisor: Dr. Eric Dahl
Project: Detecting Dark Matter Using A Scintillating Xenon Bubble Chamber

Tim Sanders
Chicago State University (Physics), Senior
Advisor: Dr. Fred Rasio

Project: Exoplanets Being Eaten by Stars

Han Setiawan
Michigan State University (Physics), Sophomore
Advisor: Dr. Giles Novak
Project: The BLAST-TNG Project: Repurposing the SPARO Cryostat for HWPr Cold Testing

Tessa Thorsen
Gettysburg College
(Physics, Math), Junior
Advisor: Dr. Ying Wu
Project: Stellar Classification with Machine Learning

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