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Governing American cities means reaching beyond local boundaries

The new localist perspective advocating for greater local autonomy is promising–this is indeed the best hope for a responsible and responsive governance right now, and the cities where our challenges will be felt most acutely have no choice but to lead the way. But they remain profoundly vulnerable in the federal system.

Rent Control and Neighborhood Change in 3 Maps

When Chicagoans go to the ballot box next week, some of us will have an extra line on the ballot asking: “Should the state repeal the ban on rent control?” The measure is advanced by the grassroots Lift the Ban coalition. Let’s take a look at the features of this referendum.

This week! Register, Vote, and Run.

Next month, Illinois voters will head to the polls to nominate candidates for the general elections in November. This week we will provide analyses of some of the issues and candidates that will be on the ballot on March 20.2018 promises to be a big year for public...

Save the Dream, Don’t End It.

As the clock ticks down to permanently ending DACA, the odds that Congress and the White House will find a resolution before the March 5th deadline appears to be growing slimmer. Jaime Dominguez, CDP Co-Director and Northwestern political scientist, weighs in on the politics of immigration for Latino Policy Forum here.

Election Day 2017

The first Tuesday in November is a big day for American democracy. Chicago doesn't have an election this time around, but big issues and elections are on the ballot in other municipalities around the country, including New York City. Local elections are vital for...

Examining the 2016 Latino Vote in Illinois

Our results suggest that the probability that Trump received more than even 15% of the Latino vote in Illinois is virtually zero. Misinformation of exit polls leads to further neglect by elected officials.

Presidential Precap: What to Expect in Chicago

The current election season has been unprecedented, to say the least. The tone of debate, and some of the ideas being expressed by one candidate in particular—especially doubts about the value of democracy itself—make this year seem like a radical departure from what...

Announcing the Chicago Democracy Project…the Remix

Welcome! We are pleased to announce the re-launch of the Chicago Democracy Project (CDP) at Northwestern University Political Science. The CDP is a collaborative effort to combine the best elements of rigorous scholarship with committed membership in community...