The Chen Group


Who We Are

We are a research group in the Department of Chemistry at Northwestern University with facilities at both Northwestern and Argonne National Laboratory. Our members come from a variety of training backgrounds (chemists, physicists, biologists, engineers and more). Prof. Lin Chen is the principle investigator, leading a team of postdocs and grad students since 2008. Go to ‘People’ to meet our group members.

Chen Group Photo 2020

What We Do

We are experts in laser/x-ray spectroscopy and scattering techniques, studying chemical dynamics on multiple length- and time-scales. Our research ranges from discovering electron dynamics in novel solar materials to ultrafast vibrational-electronic coherences in excited state transition metal complexes to capturing key transient intermediates in biomolecular structural dynamics. We primarily operate in our facilities at Northwestern University and Argonne National Lab. Additionally, our team is experienced with and has helped develop experimental techniques at synchrotron light sources (APS, Argonne National Lab; SSRL, Stanford) and x-ray free electron lasers (LCLS, Stanford; Eu. XFEL, Germany; SACLA, Japan) around the world. Check out the ‘Research’ and ‘Facilities’ pages to learn more.

Electron Dynamics in Novel Solar Materials

Ultrafast Coherence in Transition Metal Complexes

Structural Dynamics in Biology

Our Funding