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The Chicago Campus Student Health Advisory Committee (CCSHAC) consists of student representatives from each Chicago Campus school (The Graduate School, Law, Medicine) who meet quarterly with physicians and administrators of Chicago campus student health services to present student feedback and advocate on behalf of students. CCSHAC only deals with Health Services, not Aetna health insurance concerns . For help with these issues, see the Links page and the attachments at the end of this page.

We invite feedback from your experiences with Chicago Student Health, and we’d love to hear from students interested in getting involved in CCSHAC. Please email the CCSHAC Representative on the Officers page.

Who is CCSHAC?

Graduate School reps: Alex Amick, Kristen Mighty, Meghan Bliss-Moreau

Med School reps: Lauren Taylor, Ken Stern

Law School rep: Megan O’Flynn

Physician Assistant rep: Melissa Pederson

Recent CCSHAC successes

On behalf of Chicago grad students, CCSHAC has worked with University Health Services to minimize the cost differences between Chicago and Evanston Student Health. These changes were also helped by results from the 2010 Graduate Leadership Council Report, based on a survey of over 1,300 NU graduate students. Changes include:

  • X rays: starting with the 2011-2012 plan year, X-rays for students seen at NMFF will not be subject to deductible or coinsurance (i.e. no out-of-pocket costs). This will make the X ray charges the same between Health Services on both campuses. Aetna premiums will not change.

  • Vaccines: starting with the 2012-2013 plan year, most vaccines will become covered by Aetna, reducing the cost disparity for vaccines obtained at Chicago vs. Evanston Student Health, which can be up to three times more. This will make the vaccine charges the same between Health Services on both campuses. Aetna premiums will not change.

  • Student Help: Wendy Weaver’s position has been expanded from Aetna Advocate to provide independent Health Service assistance to students for all healthcare issues and all insurance carrier issues. Wendy is a NUHS employee holding office hours on the Chicago campus in the law school 4 days per week. Find Wendy’s information on the Links page

Ongoing CCSHAC Action Items

Ongoing CCSHAC Action Areas include discussions with SHS administrators about the following:

1. Cost of SHS:

  • Cost for NMFF services and lack of subsidization for medical care

  • Concerns about provider-recommended service costs

2. Access to SHS:

  • Same day appointment availability

  • Accuracy of information on website

Information about NU Health Services and Insurance

Please see the Attachments for the most up-to-date Health Services information, and how to apply for financial assistance in the event that you are not able to pay bills incurred at Northwestern Memorial Hospital/NMFF.

Attachment 1: Financial Assistance for NMFF.pdf

Attachment 2: Student Health Services and Insurance Info.pdf

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