Academic & Professional Development

Namratha Sastry

Academic & Professional Development Chair

Namratha is a PhD student in the Northwestern University Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program (NUIN). She is working in Dr. Shi-Yuan Cheng’s lab, studying the mechanisms by which microRNAs in the brain can become dysregulated and lead to the development of oncogenes. She received her BS in biology and psychology from West Virginia University. When she’s not in lab, she enjoys outdoorsy activities, reading, and baking.

krithikaKrithika Ramachandran

Academic & Professional Development Representative

Krithika is a PhD candidate in the Driskill Graduate Program at Northwestern. She graduated from SRM University in Chennai, India with a BS in Genetic Engineering. She is currently working in Dr. Grant Barish’s lab to understand the role of BCL6, a transcriptional repressor protein, in skeletal muscle metabolism and maintenance. In addition to CGSA, She leads CLIMB study group sessions for 1st year students and is a member of the Chicago chapter of Graduate Women in Science. Outside lab, She likes to dance, hang out with friends, watch movies and explore Chicago.

Work PicSarah Bassett

Academic & Professional Development Representative

Sarah is a student in the Social Sciences and Health track of the Health Sciences Integrated PhD Program. She received her MA in health psychology from Brandeis University in Waltham, MA. Sarah is a member of Dr. Judith Moskowitz’s lab, in which she studies the ways that positive affect influences disease outcomes.  She enjoys running along the lake, great conversations with friends, cooking, yoga,


Neil Kuehnle

Academic & Professional Development Representative

Neil is a PhD candidate in the Driskill Graduate Program at Northwestern University. He received his BS in Molecular Biology from Loyola University Chicago. He is working in the laboratory of Dr. Eva Gottwein studying the role of viral latency proteins in human herpesvirus-8 transformed B cells. Outside of lab he enjoys running/fitness, binging on Netflix and Wikipedia articles, socializing with friends, and making unfulfilled travel plans.






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