Funding Statement

CGSA uses all its funding to plan and execute events intended to benefit Northwestern University graduate students. These events include professional development seminars, sporting events, theatrical shows, community service events, social outings and many more (for past CGSA activities, visit our events page).

Funding for CGSA comes primarily from three sources:

  1. An annual budget supplied by TGS,

  2. Yearly Professional Development grant and

  3. Community Building grants (CBG).

Past CBGs awarded to CGSA include Whirlyball and Habitat for Humanity. Some CGSA social events, however, fall outside the scope of the university-approved budget. For these events, CGSA undertakes fundraising activities a few times per year. Typically, CGSA raises money by selling tickets to sporting events (e.g. Cubs and Bulls games).  Any event intended as a fundraiser will be advertised as a CGSA fundraiser. It should be noted that the majority of CGSA events are made available to students at a discounted cost.

If ever you have a question about CGSA activities, please feel free to contact an officer.

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