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CGSA collectively stands with the Black community, BLM movement, and underrepresented minorities. We will collectively work to promote change by uplifting Black voices here at Northwestern socially and academically through outreach and advocacy. We are working toward building and maintaining relationships with community organizations serving the Black community and other underrepresented and minority communities here in Chicagoland and are making a conscious and deliberate effort to prioritize outreach events within Black and underserved communities.

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Friday, June 26th 



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The Chicago Graduate Student Association (CGSA) is a student organization that encompasses graduate students in various science programs on Northwestern University’s Chicago campus. The CGSA exists to provide a forum to address the academic, social, and advocacy needs of graduate students on the Chicago campus, as well to promote interactions with groups on the Evanston campus. Be sure to visit and follow our Facebook site found in the upper right corner.