Researching at Cook M&A

Name: Sylvia Wang

Year: Sophomore

Major(s): Economics, Statistics

CFS Class: Business Field Studies

Employer: Cook M&A Advisory Services

Chicago Field Studies is a great program at Northwestern University. If students participate in this program, they can get credits ranging from 1-4 by studying and interning at firms at the same time. Personally, I found this program really helpful. As an international student, it was hard for me to find internships. However, for this program, advisors will help you reach out to employees and past CFS students will help you with the interviewing process. At the same time, the firms that collaborated with the school in this program are all great firms.

I loved my experience working at Cook M&A advisory service, and I’ve learned a lot of financial knowledge and research skills. What’s even better is that advisors do care about your experience, and they will follow up with you during the internship. Therefore, if there are something that you feel uncomfortable about the internship, advisors can provide feedbacks to the employer and make sure you have a good experience. Students participate in the program also need to take a 3-hour class every week from 6-9 pm. The class is also pretty interesting as you get the opportunity to listen to other students’ experience at works and debate with other students on certain topics. Overall, I feel like I had great experience during this program, and I would recommend anyone who’s interested to apply. This program really prepared well for my future career and I believe this kind of opportunity is really valuable to every single student.