Developing Relationships at Goldman Sachs

Name: Naveena Sharma

Year: Junior

Major(s): Economics

Minor(s): Computer Science

CFS Class: Business Field Studies

Employer: Goldman Sachs

This fall, I had the pleasure of working as a wealth management intern at Goldman Sachs. I have learned a lot through this internship about markets, asset classes, portfolio management – and the business field studies class was a great accompaniment to my work experience. The class, unlike any other I have taken at Northwestern, focused more on developing skills than knowledge. We were given opportunities to develop our presentation skills and expand our networks, and we were also given a platform to share our own experiences in a supportive space every week during class discussions.

Through my work experience, I learned that internships are really what you make of them. There were times during my internship when I did not have much going on, and as a result, I gradually learned to be proactive. I was able to develop close relationships with my co-workers by reaching out to have coffee-chats. I started to ask to be included in meetings and phone calls, and I constantly checked in with my team to see if they needed help. This internship has also taught me how to be a stronger communicator. In school, we rarely have to constantly update another person on a project or task we’re working on. At work, it was somewhat of an expectation to constantly follow up, ask questions, and provide notable updates on any work that I was assigned.

Overall my CFS experience was extremely rewarding. It gave me valuable exposure to a new industry and allowed me to develop key skills that will support my professional development. All of this came alongside tremendous support from Karen Allen & Nina Wieda.