Favorite Internship Experience: ProTen Realty Group

Name: Connor Loughlin

Year: Senior

Major(s): Journalism, Economics

CFS Class: Business Field Studies

Employer: ProTen Realty Group

I had a wonderful time during the CFS program this year as a Market Research Analyst Intern at ProTen Realty Group.  Overall, I would say it was the best and most interesting internship I have had to date.  In particular, I really enjoyed being able to work for a small firm owned by two people with decades of experience in the industry, as it allowed me to get really close with them and gain a lot of first-hand knowledge about what it takes to be successful as a broker and in the commercial real estate industry in general.  It also helped that both of my bosses, Kurt Walsh and Renee Betzelos, are Northwestern alumni, and that Kurt drives me to work many mornings, as he lives in Winnetka.  It was a great change of pace from working at two large companies prior to this.  The internship also gave me an opportunity to network with some fascinating people in the industry, as Kurt took me to industry parties after work hosted by building representatives and catered to tenant representatives such as Kurt and Renee.

The most fascinating aspect of the actual job itself was being able to develop a much broader knowledge of the city of Chicago and the surrounding metro area.  Writing market research reports and analyzing the data that went into them allowed me to speak much more intelligently about the city and about the area I have called home my entire life.  I would highly recommend working at ProTen Realty Group to any prospective CFS student who has an interest in commercial real estate.  I feel that the experience in conjunction with the class has sufficiently prepared me for my full time career after graduation.