Industrial Engineer Tries Work in the Public Sector

Name: Octavio Bruetman

Year: Senior

Major(s): Industrial Engineering, Economics

CFS Class: Business Field Studies

Employer: Intersect Illinois

An Engineer in a Research RoleI spent the fall interning for Intersect Illinois, the main economic development corporation in Illinois. Along with my internship, I took the CFS Business studies course that explored numerous work dynamics which I was more equipped to identify and navigate within my own workplace.

Having interned in the private sector during my prior two internships, Intersect Illinois provided me a glimpse of the public sector and working directly with government entities. This interaction with the government sparked an interest in public work that I did not know I had before my experience at Intersect. As our company’s main goal revolved around bringing jobs to the state of Illinois, I felt like my work had a more direct and tangible impact on the lives of the people in my community than my previous work experiences. While I will be joining the private sector after graduation in the spring, the opportunity to work in the public realm has pushed me to potentially consider a career in the field in the future.

As an Industrial Engineering and Economics major, I have had limited research opportunities and work around public policy. Working for Intersect Illinois has allowed me to develop my research skills and my ability to synthesize and clearly communicate relevant information to different types of people. These invaluable skills will be applicable in whatever role I transition to in my future career.

Intersect Illinois provided an opportunity to explore a field and industry which I knew little about. As a private-public partnership organization, Intersect allowed me to produce work that will help the community around me.