Senior Explores Agricultural Development and Public Policy

Name: Karan Kairon

Year: Senior

Major(s): Economics

CFS Class: Business Field Studies

Employer: Chicago Council on Global Affairs

My CFS internship at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs was an insightful and meaningful use of my Fall quarter. As part of the Global Food and Agriculture Programme (GFAP), I spent my time studying agricultural development and policy across the globe. My responsibilities included sourcing articles for the weekly newsletter and synthesizing long-form reports into shorter briefs. I also staffed the Council’s program events which became some of my most memorable moments of the internship – I was witness to some great minds offering brilliant commentary on topics ranging from the US-China relationship to the ongoing Brexit saga.

The most valuable part of my internship was being able to work under a supervisor who genuinely wanted me to succeed and provided valuable guidance and support. She greatly added to the breadth and depth of my experience by facilitating contact with coworkers, inviting me to meetings around the office and encouraging me to staff a wide variety of projects. I am happy to say that my time at the Council helped me accomplish my CFS goals of understanding how the policy world operates and deciding whether I would like to build a career in the industry.