Exploring Sales and Marketing at Successful Startup

Name: Cindy Liang

Year: Junior

Major(s): Communication Studies, Psychology

CFS Class: Business Field Studies

Employer: SpotHero

CFS has been a great experience overall, even though the 9 to 5 can become mundane at times. Having an internship taught me a lot about life after college, and I gained a better understanding of what it means to time manage and communicate with supervisors. My internship was with SpotHero, a digital parking platform that allows people to reserve parking ahead of time. SpotHero is a startup, initially founded by two recent college graduates, so the company culture was fast-paced but casual, which was an aspect I realized I strongly valued. I entered the company in a marketing/sales position, with hopes that I could better my skills with marketing. My supervisor was more like a mentor and it was great working with her, while most of my daily activities included responding to inbound requests and figuring out a way to work with them. Although this work was repetitive at times, it was nice to get experience in contacting people that reached out to SpotHero and being able to solve any of their parking issues, whether it be a promo code or a more extensive project. A lot of the full partnerships involved me creating a new event page and sending the partner a copy for them to put on their website, and it was nice to be able to see what I did being reflected in the company so immediately. Another large part of my internship was cold calls, which I didn’t like as much because the majority of the time I would be rejected or I would leave a voicemail and they wouldn’t try to contact me back. From this, I knew that I had absolutely no interest in sales, but I think this was still a valuable skill to practice, and now I know to search for positions that aren’t as focused on sales.