Senior Experiences Growth Through Recruitment and Consulting Internship

Name: Chrystelle Doueihy

Year: Senior

Major: Industrial Engineering

Minor: Computer Science and Kellogg Certificate in Managerial Analytics

CFS Class: Business Field Studies

Employer: HBR Consulting

I participated in the CFS program during the Summer quarter after my Junior year. It was a great experience in many different ways, and I encourage anyone who has the chance to participate to go for it. On one side, I learned a lot during the recruitment process. Phone interviews with employers boosted my confidence and made me more comfortable talking about myself to employers and genuinely expressing my interests. In my opinion, I couldn’t have gotten that opportunity to practice in abundance if it wasn’t for this program. There is a lower chance of getting interviews through regular applications especially for international students. On the other side, I really appreciated the incredible support our CFS advisors provided along the way, from encouragement, to help with emails and getting to talk about some career choices or concerns at work. My internship was at HBR Consulting. I think it was a good experience in general. It wasn’t the traditional consulting I was expecting as the firm focuses on a specific industry. They work a lot on procurement and sourcing, but it was good to see how to reduce spending in some areas of the business. The best part of this experience wasn’t working on different projects but getting to know the people at the firm. I got to experience various work-styles and managers, and talk to employees in different departments. This made me understand why companies and new hires stress so much on the “people aspect” of the firm. I believe it is very important to find a place where you fit in and enjoy spending time with the people who are working with you, especially in the consulting industry since you spend so many hours with your coworkers.​