Going Farther Than Just an Internship at Tyree & D’Angelo Partners

Name: Abdul Haadi Moochhala

Year: Sophomore

Major: Economics

CFS Class: Business Field Studies

Employer: Tyree & D’Angelo Partners

My time interning at Tyree & D’Angelo Partners (TDP) has been extremely fulfilling so far. It is a small office, only around 5 first or second year Analysts, 4 principals and 2 partners. They are a growing private equity firm and just moved into a beautiful office with views of Michigan ave and Lake Michigan. There is a very open work culture: office doors are kept open most of the day and all employees encourage the interns to come ask them advice or questions at anytime. I definitely felt comfortable in my work environment within the first day or so, and the people at the firm made sure of that. We grab lunch everyday and eat together in one of the conference rooms, which not only gives us a break from sitting at our desks all day, but also encourages company integration and let’s me learn about the different projects that everyone is working on. From day 1 I was paired with an MBA intern to work on a project that is ongoing and most likely will continue until the end of my internship. This allows me to really spend time understanding what I’m doing and letting me dive deep, which I feel is much more meaningful than odd day-to-day tasks. It also gives me the freedom to organise and plan out my work as I please, as I can choose when to stop working on the project and where to pick it up again the next day. It has also been extremely valuable working with an MBA intern who has already had work experience and has been sharing tips and guidance throughout my internship. So far it has been a positive experience for me and I encourage more CFS interns to apply to TDP in the future.