An Internship Packed with Purpose


Name: Brooke Lummis

Year: Sophomore

Major: English

Minor: Environmental Policy and Culture

CFS Class: Field Studies in Environment, Science, and Sustainability

Employer: Packed with Purpose

My internship at Packed with Purpose has allowed me to explore tasks across their different departments. Because they are such a small company (4 other people and I make up the team), they allow me to explore what I am interested in. I don’t have a clear vision of what I want my career to be, but through CFS I’ve gotten to experiment with marketing, sales, and operations. I’ve also built up trust with the team, so I can take calls on my own and even conduct one-on-one meetings with sales representatives from our partner companies. Through this quarter, I have gotten to see what an office environment really feels like, and I’ve had the opportunity to develop my professional communication skills. Finally, I’ve learned a lot about the growing social enterprise movement and how for-profit companies can make meaningful social impact. This is a sector that I knew existed, but not to the scale that I’m now aware of – and it’s a sector that I would love to explore after graduation. If you’re interested in working at a small, fast-growing, purpose-driven company, then I would highly recommend considering an internship at Packed with Purpose.