A Blend of Professional and Student Life

Name: Carson Rogge

Year: Senior

Major: Learning Sciences, Neuroscience

CFS Class: Field Studies in the Humanities

Employer: The Pediatric Developmental Center at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center

Doing CFS this quarter has been an incredible experience because it is really helping me transition into the working world. Having worked at the Pediatric Developmental Center over the summer for SESP Practicum, I already felt confident going into the internship. Continued contact with the PDC has allowed me to take on more independent projects and initiatives at the center, though.

I have also had an interesting experience with CFS because even though my internship tends to lean toward Health and Medicine because I work at a hospital, I am taking the Field Studies in Humanities course. This has actually provided a really interesting sense of the history that office culture is rooted in. Looking at literature over time of what it means to work has made me think more critically in the office space and in a different way than I have in the many hours I have spent at the PDC.

CFS has allowed me to venture regularly into the city while being a student. It makes me feel like more of a real person, able to be involved in Northwestern’s culture, but simultaneously building a foundation for adulthood and working life.