Reflecting on the Uniqueness of CFS


Name: Storm McLaughlin

Year: Junior

Major: Industrial Engineering

Minor: Economics

CFS Program: Field Studies in the Humanities

Employer: HBR Consulting

My CFS experience has been a rewarding one for a multitude of reasons, most notably my internship experience, my in-class experience, and my guidance from CFS employees/professors.

Over the course of my college career, I have had multiple internships, in various industries, in different countries around the world. In these roles, I had the pleasure of working with intelligent individuals, well-versed in many unique fields of work, while also learning the formalities/features of different working cultures. Going into my current HBR internship, I expected something of a similar experience to my previous internships – this has not been the case. My internship at HBR has been by far my best so far – the people have been unbelievably kind, helpful, and patient with the learning curve I have experienced as an intern. I have learned tangible, hard skills that will translate across virtually every possible industry I could go into after graduation. Most importantly, I have been able to interact with individuals across all levels of the company hierarchy, through both formally and informal networking. I have made lifelong friends, and strong professional connections. Overall, CFS has provided me with an unforgettable, invaluable internship experience that will provide with a platform of knowledge moving into full-time recruitment.

My experience in the Field Studies in Humanities class has been similarly enlightening. The material we have covered – ranging from slavery and its implications on the workplace today to no-collar workplaces and their expansion across America – has been interesting and rich. The in-class discussions have been stimulating, especially with the professor providing catalyzing follow-up questions and comments. The assignments have been manageable alongside the internship. Field Studies in Humanities has been one of the best classes I have taken so far at Northwestern.

Finally, my experience working in tandem with the people at CFS has been exceptional. First off, Karen Allen, the Associate Director of the CFS program, made the process of finding an internship feasible and enjoyable. Karen helped with advice on interview processes, position targeting and employer interaction. Overall, Karen really was the one who made my entire CFS experience possible. The other staff within the CFS department, who worked out logistics, monitored my internship/class experience, and helped me with any problems I faced, were equally enjoyable to work with. My professor in Field Studies and Humanities class, Liz McCabe, has been one of my favorite professors at Northwestern so far. Professor McCabe has been incredibly personable, and I really get the sense that she cares about each individual’s experience at their internship, and in the classroom.

All in all, my experience with CFS this quarter has been incredible. It has been my most memorable and perhaps my most important quarter at Northwestern, both personally and professionally. The internship, paired with the class and the mentoring/guidance/help I have received from the individuals working within CFS has made for a balanced, enriching experience.