Learning Law at the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office

Name: Alex Clemons

Year: Senior

Major: Legal Studies

CFS Program: Legal Services & Law

Employer: State’s Attorney’s Office

As a undergrad who has managed to graduate a year early, I felt that I needed more work experience under my belt. CFS gave me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and gain exposure to all things law. My internship search process wasn’t too difficult because I was sure to zone in on the places that I was aiming for. I prepared for interviews and made sure that I put my best foot forward. I was more than thrilled when I accepted the offer at the State’s Attorney Office of Cook County, IL. The commute was about 4 hours total everyday but I was more than motivated to walk through the courthouse doors on the days of my internship. I did not really know what type of law I wanted to practice whether it was criminal or civil, but my work at the internship helped me narrow it down.

At the SAO, I pretty much did your average intern stuff like making copies, running errands, and observing my supervisors. But unlike other internships in the legal field, I had the chance to sit-in on trials, review evidence for cases, and become a part of an actual team. Since my supervising attorneys were extremely busy, it was easy to feel alone or feel like you are being unnoticed. With that feeling, I was able to gain a sense independency and maturity. Ziva was an amazing help as she acted as my guidance counselor through the whole journey. Shout out to Monica Llorente for being one of the best professors I have ever had!