Designing Games for GCC

Name: Kinsey Erickson

Year: Junior

Major: Psychology

Minor: Media Art and Game Design Module

CFS Program: Field Studies in the Humanities

Employer:  Game Changer Chicago

Since Northwestern doesn’t have a game design program, my options for classes and chances to work on games have been limited. Being able to join a team and jump right into game development has been an incredible experience, especially since I get to work towards my degree as I do.

Interning at the Game Changer Chicago has helped me feel confident in my decision to go into the game design field. I’ve loved every moment there and I’ve already learned so much about the field, the jargon, and the work flow of a game design studio. Having a portfolio is crucial for entry-level jobs in the field and I’m really grateful for what CFS is affording me this quarter. Not to mention class with Professor McCabe is always compelling, and I never would have met her otherwise!