Gaining Experience in Healthcare Consulting


Name: Monica Garcia

Year: Junior

Majors: Economics, Global Health

CFS Program: Field Studies in Public Health

Employer:  Healthbox

This spring, I have had the opportunity to intern at Healthbox, an innovation consulting and fund management firm in Chicago. As an economics and global health major, I wanted to intern with Healthbox to gain real world exposure on what it would be like to work for a healthcare consulting firm. In my first couple weeks with the firm, I have been able to work on different projects in the fields of marketing, business development, and consulting. Additionally, I have learned a lot about the healthcare industry, especially as it pertains to how innovation programs operate within healthcare systems and the different startups that exist within this space. I am grateful the CFS program exists at Northwestern and has given me the opportunity to explore potential career options after graduation.

The Field Studies in Public Health class has also been a great compliment to my internship. I have enjoyed hearing from my peers about their own work experiences and discussing public health issues that closely align with many of the problems Healthbox aims to tackle. Overall, this quarter has proved to be a great educational experience. It has allowed me to apply what I have learned in the classroom to a job setting and enhance my professional development.