Working in Corporate Strategy with Shiftgig

Name: Oliver Hu

Year: Sophomore

Majors: Economics, Statistics

Minor: Business Institutions

CFS Program: Field Studies in the Modern Workplace

Employer:  Shiftgig

This spring, I’ve had the opportunity to intern at Shiftgig, a tech staffing platform as a Corporate Strategy Intern. As an economics and statistics major, I wanted to find an internship that would allow me to apply the theoretical knowledge I gained from classes and extracurriculars to solve actual business problems. As a product management intern last year, I was able to work cross-functionally across many different teams. However, this spring, I was looking to focus more on a specific area: growth strategy.

I’m extremely satisfied with my internship at Shiftgig. After a few hours of onboarding on the first day, I was immediately staffed on interesting projects that have large impacts on the future directions of the company. I’ve been able to manage my own workstream and gain experience working in Microsoft Excel to gather data insights and provide strategic recommendations to upper level management. I’ve also participated in competitive landscape analysis and researched new market entries. I’ve learned how to break down complex and nebulous problems into different components and approach them step-by-step, and I’ve been provided with expert guidance and mentorship every step of the way.

I am currently in Field Studies in the Modern Workplace. It’s been very interesting hearing about other students’ internship experiences as well as exploring insightful pieces by authors such as Karl Marx and Adam Smith. The discussions we have every seminar about the readings have also served to influence my views on work and capitalism in general.