Learning Through Collaboration at NGP


Name: Daniel Kong

Year: Sophomore

Major: Economics

Minor: Business Institutions

CFS Program: Business Field Studies

Employer:  NextGen Growth Partners

This past spring, I have had the great opportunity to intern at NextGen Growth Partners. NextGen, or NGP, is a private equity firm structured in the entrepreneurship by acquisition model. Throughout this experience, I have learned so much about qualitatively evaluating companies as well as getting the amazing experience of working every day in a world-class city like Chicago.

At NGP, I collaborated with fellow undergrad interns as well as MBA interns from Kellogg and Booth School of Business to assist an Entrepreneur in Residence in acquiring a company. I was given responsibility and access to the end-to-end processes of both brokered and proprietary deal flow. My experiences evaluating companies and reading confidential information memorandums were enhanced by the thoughtful conversations I had with my fellow interns and boss evaluating the company beyond its basic financial numbers. These conversations were my favorite part of my time at NGP because I was able to gain insight and exposure to other talented more experienced individuals. These were the experiences I could not have obtained by just studying on my own.

I came into Chicago Field Studies nervous about working my first internship, but I had hope that I would gain valuable experience that stretched beyond the classroom. At NGP, the experiences that I have had and the skills that I have learned have surpassed my highest hopes and dreams. I would recommend NGP and Chicago Field Studies for any student that wants to apply themselves and learn beyond the classroom.