Exploring Occupational Therapy with CFS


Name: Yesenia Craig

Year: Senior

Major: Human Development and Psychological Services

CFS Program: Field Studies in the Humanities

Employer: Kick Start Pediatric Therapy Network

I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to participate in CFS this quarter. Not only does it fulfill a literature distribution requirement for me (the humanities class), it has also allowed me to get experience in the field I hope to be working in. Last year I did my practicum at Lurie Children’s Hospital and I really enjoyed it, which is why I was happy to find out about CFS. CFS is very similar to the practicum that SESP offers so I thought it would be the perfect way to explore occupational therapy, which is what I became interested in after my practicum, as well as fulfill my last lit distro. Although finding an internship with exposure to OT was harder than I thought, Ziva was very helpful throughout the whole process and the mock interview was also very beneficial. I was very lucky to find Kick Start PTN in Northfield as it has been exactly what I was looking for in terms of getting observation with an OT and having a rewarding experience.

As for the CFS class, it has been great! Liz McCabe is a wonderful professor and is very attentive to each of our experiences and willing to assist us in any way she can. I enjoy hearing about everyone’s individual experiences, especially since we all have different types of internships. It’s also interesting because although we’re all in different places, some of our experiences are very similar which is fun to discuss with one another and problem solve, if necessary. Overall, my experience with CFS thus far has been great and I would encourage all students to take advantage of CFS if they have the chance because it’s very helpful for figuring out what you may or may not want to do in life.