Calling a Last-Minute Audible with Arcalea

Name: Chloe Gardner

Year: Senior

Major: Political Science

Minors: Art History, Global Health

CFS Program: Business Field Studies

Employer: Arcalea

From the outset of my CFS internship search experience, I had a clearly outlined plan. I had identified one single company for whom I desperately wanted to work, and I had a vision of how my future would and should play out through graduation. Having networked with several people over the summer, and having received words of encouragement about my internship eligibility from a pretty senior member of the company, I went into fall quarter thinking that nabbing the internship would be a breeze. I was dealt a healthy dose of reality when the company I loved so much decided not to hire interns for the winter quarter.

Needless to say, as a very future-minded person, this curveball sent me reeling. I had no idea what I wanted to do if it wasn’t that internship. I wasn’t even sure if I still wanted to pursue CFS. Thankfully, some sage advice from family and friends got me to continue with the process. I am so grateful that they voiced that advice, and that I took it.

Before interviewing at Arcalea, I was pretty sure I wasn’t interested in a career in marketing. I applied somewhat on a whim, because my existing skill set lend to the roles capacities, and it was through the interview process that I was exposed to a whole dimension of the marketing field of which I was previously unaware. As it turns out, I really am interested in a career in marketing! Through this internship I have received certifications in Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Hubspot Inbound Marketing and I love that my job is equal parts data/analytics/creative problem solving and client facing work. For me, this field and the role I play in my internship present an ideal balance. However, before interviewing with my company, I didn’t even know this kind of role existed.

My advice for future CFS students is to never say no and to never shy away from a potential opportunity because you don’t think that you’re interested. I almost didn’t even go to my interview, and I can’t imagine how my life would’ve played out differently if that had been the case. Sometimes this is frustrating to hear, but trust the process and remain open. Good luck!