Making an Impact at GlobeMed

Name: Umber

Year: Senior

Major(s): Neuroscience

Minor(s): Asian Studies

CFS Program: Field Studies in Public Health

Employer: GlobeMed

This fall, I had the opportunity to intern full-time at the Global Headquarters of GlobeMed as a Partnerships Team Fellow. Prior to joining the non-profit organization, I was somewhat aware of the organization given the GlobeMed origin story and founding chapter located here at NU. Focused on building and maintaining partnerships between college chapters across the country and local grassroots health organizations in Africa, Asia, and the Americas, GlobeMed believes in anti-oppressive practices, ethical engagement, and overall achieving global health equity by improving the lives of people living in poverty. I consider this everyday as I walk through the doors of the office, feeling gratified and excited to play a small role in what I consider one of the most relevant and compassionate forms of social justice I have ever encountered in my life.

Working closely with the Directors of Partnerships, I have led and worked on several projects focused on student training, grassroots engagement, and on-site work internships. The impact of my work has been noticeable, ranging from transitioning partnership information into faster, effective systems to working directly with students and prospective partners abroad to conducting research on comprehensive partner support strategies. I also have been involved In the preparation and execution of the annual GROW Institute, a conference attended by student members focused on discussion and reflection for summer trips to partner organizations.

Throughout this whole process, I have felt valued. GlobeMed prides itself in its leadership practices of digging deep, staying authentic, and seeing possibility. With the feedback I receive and the decision-making I am given in my internship, I see the impact of my work both instantaneously and in the long-term. The relationships I have formed with my coworkers and the projects I have begun now push me to continue working with GlobeMed as I plan to stay in the future quarters to achieve more at the organization. For this, I am entirely thankful of Chicago Field Studies and its generosity throughout the experience. I only hope I can use the skills and knowledge I have gained in my future endeavors in public health and medicine.