Working for Nielsen While at Northwestern

Name: Gabriela

Year: Senior

Major(s): Psychology

Minor(s): Business Institutions

CFS Program: Field Studies in the Humanities

Employer: Nielsen

Chicago Field Studies has been an essential part of shaping my professional development at Northwestern. My CFS adviser encouraged me to apply to my dream internship at Nielsen and the preparation I received through CFS helped me to secure the internship. The practice interview with a former CFS student gave me the feedback and the confidence I needed to prepare thoughtful answers for any interview. The feedback I received and the interview tips I learned will definitely be useful as I interview for jobs in the future.

The internship at Nielsen has been incredible and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from some of the most innovative people in the market research field. The best part about working at Nielsen is the amazing people I get to interact with every day. My co-workers are very fun and friendly and they are always willing to answer any questions I have. I am very grateful for the opportunity to explore my passion for marketing and market research at Nielsen. I have enjoyed learning how to write and program my own surveys and how to analyze consumer data to arrive at insights that help brands grow.

An surprise about CFS is how much I have enjoyed my Field Studies in Humanities class. It has been great to hear more about the different internships that my classmates are doing and to learn more about each industry through them. I have also enjoyed analyzing poetry, films, and shows like Mad Men to talk about contemporary issues in the workplace. This class has provided a space to think about how much of society’s values and culture is reflected in the workplace and how much there is yet to accomplish in terms of achieving equality for everyone at work.

Overall, this experience has been tremendously influential in the ways I think about how work impacts someone’s life and in the ways I think about and plan for my own career.