Katy for Companies That Care


Name: Katy

Year: Junior

Major(s): Mathematics, Statistics


CFS Program: Field Studies in Social Justice

I am currently a Junior, studying Mathematics and Statistics. I chose to participate in Chicago Field Studies to see where my analytic skills could take me, outside of academia and finance. Thus I chose an internship doing data analytics for a small education non-profit. Contrary to its name, Companies That Care is a non-profit targeted towards connecting corporate sponsors and mentors to Chicago Public School students, particularly those who are either low income and minority, or who have behavioral or mental disorders. This internship has given me great insights into the workings of non-profit organizations as well as the vital role that data plays, and thus has given me hope that I can indeed continue working in the overlap of STEM and Social Justice. Even though my work involved less math than I would prefer, and more busywork (as is the case with most internships), it still provided me with important experience and knowledge that I will take with me into my future career.