Lexi at the Talking Farm


Name: Lexi

Year: Sophomore

Major(s): Theatre, International Studies

Minor(s): Environmental Policy and Culture

CFS Program: Field Studies in Environment, Science, and Sustainability

My Chicago Field Studies experience was not your ‘typical’ internship. Working at the Talking Farm I essentially learned how to run a small-scale farm and the functionality of urban agriculture in this area. My day-to-day responsibilities essentially required me to seed, get beds ready for planting, and prepare different plants, depending on the species, for transplanting. Aside from this, I also helped out at different locations, such as the Evanston Township High School and Orchard Village. At the high school, I worked with my supervisor to educate students on the importance of gardening and appreciating local organic food growth. At Orchard Village, a group home for mentally disabled individuals, I helped set up a garden that will later be dedicated to working with members of the group home. Occasionally, I worked with mentally disabled individuals and got to see the therapeutic effects of encouraging this hands-on work.

My work at these locations with high school students and members of Orchard Village allowed me to encourage sustainable growth and foster community building. I was able to guide these individuals in seeing the tangible effects of nurturing and caring for living things, thus instilling a sense environmental consciousness. This internship experience allowed me to gain a larger appreciation for urban agriculture and sustainability in an urban setting. Promoting organic local food growth and educating people on this subject, especially in a food desert, is incredibly important and I’m really proud to have been a part of this movement.