Nataly at Renew Packaging


Name: Nataly

Year: Sophomore

Major(s): Economics

Minor(s): Business Institutions Program

CFS Program: Business Field Studies

My internship search process was not ideal. I was able to secure three interviews; the first two were unsuccessful and the third was the one that got me to where I am now. I was greatly discouraged by the first two interviews; I seriously considered dropping CFS because I was beginning to think that I was not talented enough to get an internship. Fortunately, Karen contacted me with an internship opportunity at the firm I am at now. At that point, I had already started my Spring quarter, so I had to worry about keeping up with school work and the interview process. I was torn between making sure I was paying attention in class and preparing for the interview. I was able to prepare myself well for both outcomes; I bought all the text books I needed and I researched the firm as much as possible. I got through the entire first week of the quarter before I received the good news. I then felt the relief that comes with knowing I did not have to worry about the four classes I was going to take this quarter.

However, that relief was immediately replaced with anxiety: What if I am not capable of doing the tasks at my new job? What if I mess up an important project? These questions were burning a hole in my head the days right before I began. Now that I am five weeks into my new job, the anxiety has disappeared. I realized that I am capable of doing the tasks I am expected to do. I enjoy doing all the different tasks; it is a small office so I am asked to help often. I definitely feel like I am an essential part of the firm, an important goal of any intern. My coworkers are all friendly and I am learning a lot. CFS is exactly what I was expecting, a program that allows me to experience the professional work life and gives me an understanding network of support. I am incredibly happy that I did not give up on CFS.