Yolanda at Carol Fox and Associates

Name: Yolanda

Year: Sophomore

Major(s): Communications Studies

Minor(s): Integrated Marketing Communications, Film & Media Studies

CFS Program: Field Studies in Business Culture

I am halfway through my internship, and I have already learned so much. I initially wanted this experience because I wanted to “be an adult” for a quarter: work a 9 to 5 job, get on the train, go downtown and experience what life post-graduation will be like, with the added benefits of no longer having to eat in the on-campus dining halls. The first week was harder than expected: I don’t think I’ve ever subjected myself to being awake at 7am through my college career thus far and there was no longer the option of returning to my dorm in the middle of the day to recuperate.

But despite that, there are so many benefits of gaining work experience. I am currently interning at Carol Fox and Associates, a PR firm where I have written ad copies, learnt about press releases and press kits, done research, and have sat in on presentations for potential clients. The added benefits of working in an industry that usually guarantees its employees a healthy work life balance is that my work is done when I leave the office. The rest of the afternoon is mine to do with it what I see fit. If only I had friends who didn’t have midterms and papers due every week, I could be having a lot more fun. This opportunity to intern with the Chicago Field Studies program reassured me that this is the industry I want to continue my career in.