Erica at Openlands


Name: Erica

Year: Junior

Major(s): Radio/Television/Film

Minor(s): Environmental Policy & Culture

CFS Program: Field Studies in Environment, Science and Sustainability

I was first attracted to the idea of participating in Chicago Field Studies midway through my sophomore year–credit and an internship? Why wouldn’t I want to participate in that! As I got farther into my junior year, however, I started to become concerned about whether or not the program would actually fit into my schedule without throwing off my degree progress and looming graduation date. If those few weeks of hesitation taught me anything though, it is that one should always take that leap of faith–especially when the payoff is exactly the kind of professional experience you’ve been afraid of going for!

The actual internship search itself was truly not too terrifying; in fact, there are elements of it that really help your professional confidence level like when your email inbox suddenly starts exploding with various organizations requesting to interview you. It certainly feels like a bit of a whirlwind at times, but it also strengthens your organizational skills as you work through scheduling interview after interview and various trips downtown.

In the end, the process of actually acquiring an internship taught me just as much about the professional world as working at my internship itself has, so I would encourage anyone going through the process to take in everything that the various stages of the process have to offer! It truly is a unique and worth while experience!