Claudia at Atlantex Instruments

Name: Claudia

Year: Senior

Major(s): Communication Studies

Minor(s): Legal Studies, Political Science

CFS Program: Field Studies in Business Culture

This quarter I am interning at a small consulting firm called Atlantex Instruments, LLC. I am in charge of marketing for the company, and so far I have enjoyed my internship a lot. I have a lot of autonomy and get to explore my ideas for how to market the company better and increase its online presence. This internship experience has been very unique for me because in the past, I’ve worked in a very formal setting in law firms with strict hours and little room for autonomy. At Atlantex, I can dress casually and there’s very open communication between every member of the company. I can work from home often, and my ideas and opinions hold a lot of influence.

I’m glad to be having this experience so that I can see different work environments and various internship possibilities. I also want to comment on the FSBC class because it is awesome. Nick is an excellent professor and the discussions we have in class are really intellectually stimulating and very relevant to our work experiences. It has been exciting to explore the origins of internships and their role in a student’s education and future career. The FSBC class has challenged me to self-reflect and explore my perspectives on work and its purpose.

Overall, this internship is proving to be an excellent transition between undergrad and law school. The course is teaching me to be more aware of work trends and helping me explore and establish my goals for a work environment and experience. My internship is letting me explore my own creative ideas in a marketing context, while I am still learning a lot and getting to focus on an area other than law for a few months. This is the perfect way to spend my last quarter at NU. I’m so grateful to the Chicago Field Studies program for this incredible internship-course opportunity!