Mary Ann Explores Theatre Productions

Name: Mary Ann

Year: Senior

Major(s): RTVF

CFS Program: Field Studies in the Humanities

Working for Writers Theatre has been a great experience in my life. I have always been interested in theatre and really wanted to see how a theatre operated. Writers Theatre was the perfect place because they focus so much on character centered plays with relevant themes. These are the plays I respond to the most. At Writers, I have been able to work hand in hand with the Literary Manager and conduct dramaturgy research for the plays going up. Dramaturgy is conducting research for the theme and subject matter of a play to help the actors, director and patrons better understand the world of the play from rehearsal to final performance. Dramaturgy, to me, is basically like going to school and spending time learning and reading. During this internship, I have been able to research and read about white male privilege, the Leo Frank case on anti-Semitism and post-feminism. Seeing the actors read the Dramaturgy packet they get at first rehearsal really feels like I’m making a difference and helping their work.

The other part about CFS that I enjoy is my class. I’m in the Humanities class and I feel as though I’m getting a full emersion in the idea of “work” and how it has evolved through the centuries. This class is rich in reading material and discussions. I always feel as though I am learning something that I end up telling friends later on. Professor McCabe does a really good job of constantly engaging us and challenging us.