CFS for Everyone: Exchange Student Mariana Interns at Nielsen

Name: Mariana

Year: Senior

Major(s): Social Sciences

Minor(s): Economics

CFS Program: Field Studies in the Modern Workplace

As an exchange student from Sciences Po Paris, I had already heard about CFS even before applying for my year abroad at Northwestern University. Many exchange students from Sciences Po have participated in it in the past and have absolutely loved the experience. Now, I can finally understand why. CFS has not only provided me with the great opportunity to have a valuable experience at Nielsen and to know more about the Market Analytics & Research sector while earning academic credit, but it has also given me the guidance I needed to figure out my professional orientation, and the preparation necessary for successfully interviewing and networking. Moreover, my classroom experience with Field Studies in the Modern Workplace has been extremely valuable, allowing me to not only have exposure to where my classmates are interning and what their industry looks like, but also to have discussions and readings that helped me solve professional as well as personal challenges and look at my internship site differently.

I definitely feel more ready to make the transition towards the professional world now and would highly recommend this program to all Northwestern students. CFS is a very formative opportunity that you should not miss while in undergrad!