Eric on His Influential Healthcare Experience

Name: Eric

Year: Senior

Major(s): Biology

CFS Program: Field Studies in Public Health

My quarter at CFS thus far has been an amazing experience. To start, my internship at a physical rehabilitation center has given me profound insight into what it means to provide great patient care and customer service in a medical setting. This is especially relevant to me since I am looking to attend medical school in the future, and I would even say that my experiences at my internship has changed my thinking as to what career path I would like to head towards in the future. Aside from my internship, the CFS class has also been a great experience and has allowed me to learn about all the efforts outside of what we traditionally think of as healthcare that go into ensuring that the public is as healthy as can be. To top it off, all the staff and teachers at CFS are very helpful in matching you with the perfect internship and are also super easy to communicate with. I am nothing but grateful for the opportunity that they have granted me!