Chris Evaluates His Experience In Private Equity

Name: Christopher

Year: Senior

Major(s): Economics

Minor(s): History

CFS Program: Field Studies in the Humanities

This quarter I interned at a private equity firm, which was a great learning experience. From the beginning, the CFS advisors made the internship search process easy for me and their help was invaluable. As a senior majoring in economics, this internship has given me great insight into the private equity industry and helped me gain important skills for jobs in the future.

From the start of my internship, I was given meaningful work and the firm really went out of their way to make sure I was able to learn and have a fruitful experience. I have worked on researching different industries and creating investment theses on those industries. The firm also asked me to present my investment theses in the weekly meeting to give me an opportunity to hone my presentation skills. I was also given financial lessons to improve my knowledge of financial terms and accounting terms. Other tasks that I was fortunate to work on was evaluating companies and then discussing them with my supervisor. One important task that I worked on was finding companies that seemed like a good acquisition target and then making a list of those.

Overall, this quarter has been a great experience and I am grateful to CFS for this opportunity. Not only was my internship something I enjoyed, but my CFS class served as a fitting supplement as I was able to reflect on my experiences at work while learning about other’s experiences. The examination of my work life through a humanities perspective was a great balance with my financially minded internship. This internship has definitely been a meaningful stepping stone for jobs in the future.