Amanda at the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

Name: Amanda

Year: Senior

Major(s): Sociology

Minor(s): Legal Studies

CFS Program: Legal Field Studies

Participating in Chicago Field Studies this quarter has been an amazing experience. Having to look for the right internship was made so easy with the help of my CFS advisor. This quarter I am interning at the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. I feel like this organization is important now more than ever because of the recent events in the United States. As an intern, I have gotten the chance to work on new campaigns for the organization, attended press conferences, and have registered new U.S citizens to vote. Although there are some days where I am mainly doing administrative tasks, I am aware that my work is not going unnoticed. My supervisor and other staff members at the organization are clearly vehicles for change when it comes to immigrant and refugee rights—the press knows it and other organizations know it. I am extremely grateful to be able to be at the ICIRR.
My Legal Field Studies class has been great! We have gotten the opportunity to not only visit the Criminal Courts, but have also been able to visit a law firm and talk to lawyers who were more than willing to tell us their stories. This class has definitely reassured me in my choice to do law school.