Yav Begins His Career in Finance

yavor-todorov-headshotName: Yav

Year: Junior

Major(s): Economics

Minor(s): Business Institutions Program

CFS Program: Field Studies in Business Culture

Having the opportunity to be a part of CFS and to intern as an investment banking analyst has been an invaluable experience for me. From the very beginning of the internship search process where former CFS alumni helped me practice my phone interview skills, to the in-depth analyses of issues pertaining to the business workplace that we have conducted in my Field Studies in Business Culture class, this past quarter has proved to be one of my most valuable at Northwestern thus far. And I say all of this without even touching on the value that I have gained from working at my firm.

At my firm I have been introduced to the many facets of investment banking and have gained insight into a coveted field that many students thrust themselves into without much understanding. I am now much more familiar with sell-side mergers and acquisitions than I could have ever hoped for had I not been a part of CFS this quarter.

Over the past few months, I have been actively involved with my deal team on live sell-side engagements of $100m businesses. I have assisted with the approach of potential strategic buyers by drafting CIMs, PIBs, and through the creation of elementary financial files for our data room. I have personally taken responsibility on 5 pitchbooks for the populating and profiling of potential buyers as well as aided in other aspects of pitchbook creation including industry research, and the compiling of public comps and precedent transactions. And above all, I have built greater bonds with my team than I had thought was possible at the very start.
CFS has taught me how to work with professionals, think like an investment banker, and to how to understand the nuanced aspects of workplace culture that make up the office environment in which we grow and live in.

Because of CFS, I now have greater feeling of confidence when interviewing, and feel ready to move further down my career path. For all of this and more, I will be forever grateful. Thank you CFS.