Kevin Acquires Valuable Job Skills

img_5319-1Name: Kevin

Year: Senior

Major(s): Political Science

Minor(s): African American Studies

CFS Program: Field Studies in Civic Engagement

My experience in the CFS program has been undoubtedly a positive one. I am enjoying my Civic Engagement class with Liz McCabe, who has challenged me to think more critically about what exactly civic engagement is. My internship at Common Cause Illinois has been fruitful up to this point. I’ve gained valuable experience about what it takes to run a nonprofit organization, from organizing to being a social media presence to interacting with aldermen, and much more. I have improved my communication skills through working with everyone in my office on a daily basis. I really identify with my organization on an ideological level. Common Cause works to help everyone maintain voter rights and also attempts to remove big money from political, particularly at a local level. I am thankful for this opportunity, as I believe it will be helpful to me in the future.