Caroline Explores New Options

caroline-spikner-headshotName: Caroline

Year: Junior

Major(s): RTVF

Minor(s): Dance

CFS Program: Field Studies in the Humanities

I am close to wrapping up my quarter serving as the documentation intern for High Concept Labs, a non for profit organization based out of Mana Contemporary Chicago, which provides artists with the resources necessary to dive into creating new works, projects, and performances. As the documentation intern, I have been working extremely independently. I have been working individually with artists in rehearsal, trekking down to performances around Chicago, and doing a great deal of video editing from campus. Because the organization doesn’t have an office, I have had much less interaction with the staff than I was initially expecting.
I am so grateful that I’ve been able to view my internship through the framework of the “Field Studies in Humanities” class. Without these chances to talk to my CFS advisor, instructor, and classmates, I would have had a far less productive quarter. I have benefited tremendously from hearing about the types of work that other students in FSH are doing, and have gained such an appreciation for the historical and cultural context of my internship. Although this internship has perhaps taught me more about what to avoid in future careers than about what I love, thanks to this Chicago Field Studies course, I am finishing up the quarter confident and excited to continue exploring the vast number of career opportunities ahead of me.