CFS Advisors Help Ashleigh Navigate the Internship Process

ashleigh-maclean-photoName: Ashleigh

Year: Junior

Major(s): Statistics

Minor(s): Global Health

CFS Program: Field Studies in the Humanities

My CFS experience has been nothing but positive from the very beginning. Finding and securing an internship can be a very intimidating experience for many students but with CFS, the process is more manageable. One of the most helpful aspects of CFS is working with an advisor during the application process. The advisors have a comprehensive knowledge of careers in various fields. My advisor was no exception as she informed me on the abundance of different types of healthcare careers. Since I am not a pre-med student, I was worried about finding an internship in the healthcare field that would be suitable for my interests in public health. However, in working with my CFS advisor I found that there are many internships available that provide students with a look into the non-clinical healthcare professions.
Once I had narrowed my search to a few internships that I was interested in, my advisor was there every step of the way. She helped me prepare my resume and answered any questions I had about interviews. I felt fully prepared to talk to employers, and had a greater sense of which career paths I was interested in. The advisor continued to provide support throughout the quarter as well, ensuring that your experience is benefiting you and has provided the professional opportunities you hoped it would. For students who are searching for their first internship CFS provides the help and understanding every step of the way, relieving a great amount of stress. Students who have prior internship experience will also find the CFS experience and advisor unique, focusing on your interests to ensure that the internship you secure is one that advances your professional development. The advisor-advisee relationship truly has been one of the most impactful pieces of my CFS experience.