Di Utilizes Both His Analytical and Media Skills at Guerrero Howe

DiXiao Image(2)Name: Di

Year: Sophomore

Major: Communication Studies, MMSS

Minor: Kellogg Certificate in Managerial Analytics

CFS Program: Business Field Studies


My CFS quarter has been great because of the work that I do, the people who I work with and the weekly class that prompts me to reflect on my experience.

I work at Guerrero Howe, a media company, as digital marketing data analyst. I am with The Alumni Society (TAS) Team and my everyday work is to analyze data from all different online sources of TAS including those from social media, emails, websites, surveys and etc. I like my work because it involves a lot of thinking and problem solving processes. I also feel that my work is useful because the executive director of our team has utilized my work at board meetings. The people in the company are helpful and friendly. My inspector tried to schedule training sessions for me with different people, and I got the opportunities to attend a lot of meetings: marketing, creative, and team meetings. Besides everyday work, the class provides me with an environment where I get to reflect, share and discuss my internship with fellow students so that I can compare our experiences and have a more objective assessment of my internship experience.

CFS is really great!