Kayley Branches Out At Intuit

Kayley McPheeName: Kayley

Year: Senior

Major: Art History

CFS Program: Field Studies in the Humanities

My internship at Intuit is a six-month commitment, somewhat atypical for a CFS engagement. After having worked there for just over two weeks, I’m already very pleased with the experiences and relationships developing – due in no small part to the close-knit office environment of 6 staff members. Aside from the responsibilities given to me by my supervisor, this small scale means that I’m never lacking tasks to complete, be they related to administration or exhibition management. I was initially ‘hired’ for my interest in event planning as 2016 is the 25th anniversary of the museum, but I do so much more than just that.
The most valuable experience in my internship so far would probably be the various grant-writing and nonprofits management workshops I’ve attended and taken notes on. My supervisor has a long history in museums and she’s devoted to seeing more young people engage with them, which carry over into the learning experiences she’s set up for me. When I’m in the office I never feel as if the work I’m doing is ‘grunt work’ – even if I’m tidying up and standardizing visitor demographic spreadsheets, I’m learning something about the information needed to reach the largest audience possible.
Another valuable experience I’m beginning to learn about at my internship is the process of interacting with a board of directors, something I’ve never had to do before. The atmosphere and custom of the office environment is largely unfamiliar to me and being immersed in it 3 days a week has already given me so much more confidence – over just two weeks I’ve quit shying away from interacting with my coworkers, and as a naturally shy person this is quite the personal growth! Overall, two weeks at Intuit have already proven unbelievably helpful in introducing me to the professional world, which is all that I could hope for in an internship.