Jin Shares How CFS Helped Him Explore The Business Field

jin_no_headshot_cfsName: Jin

Year: Junior

Major(s)/Minor: Economics, Computer Science/Psychology

CFS Class: Business Field Studies

Let’s face it – internship searches suck, but Karen and the rest of the CFS staff make it as painless as possible. CFS does a really good job in letting you explore your interests no matter what it may be. For me, I really wanted to explore business strategy or business developmental roles, particularly at a tech company. Through CFS, I was able to get an interview at several different places and managed to get an internship in a business strategy/data analytics role at a large tech company.
I think doing CFS opened up a lot of doors for me and every single moment in both my internship experience and classroom discussions have been very educational and enjoyable. In my internship, I’ve learned a lot of different, new computer applications and a ton of information about the travel industry while working on independent projects that are both interesting and challenging. I’ve also gotten to expand my network and experience for the first time what it’s like to work at a large public company. Just last week, I sat in on a meeting with the CEO and my boss to go over a quarterly review of the company and I regularly attend weekly meetings as a team member to go over the strategic initiatives of the company as a whole. The company also hosts happy hours biweekly and special outings/events every month, so I’ve also gotten to participate in a lot of fun activities outside of work (like a 5 hour scavenger hunt throughout the loop).
Furthermore, the classroom experience actually goes over a lot of relevant, interesting business topics and you get a lot out of it. Attending class and responding to blog posts is something I look forward to every week and you learn a lot about different industries just from discussions with your peers. I would do CFS again in a heartbeat and highly recommend it to others.