Sugato Shares His Internship Experience at HBR Consulting


Bhaduri, SugatoName: Sugato

Year: Sophomore

Major: Economics

Minor: Math

CFS Program: Business Field Studies

This summer I’ve been working at HBR Consulting and it has been an amazing experience so far! HBR is a firm that consults for law firms and aside from getting great exposure to the consulting procedure, I’ve also learned a lot of about the legal sector in the process. Aside from the technical skills, I think I also gained so much from just being in the workplace and interacting with everyone around me.

The image I had of a corporate workplace was very different indeed. I imagined everyone sitting in a symmetrical grid and silently working from 8-5. Little did I know that everyone would be so relaxed and warm. Not a day went by where we wouldn’t joke and laugh. At the same time, it is definitely a work hard play hard kind of environment. A lot of people work long hours (though it wasn’t expected of interns) and all the fun is never at the expense of getting work done by deadlines.

The internship tends to hog the spotlight but the CFS class has also been great. It’s always interesting to see the different experiences people back from their internships and we often get to hear some hilarious stories as well. Applying these experiences to our readings has been quite engaging and I’ve gained much from it.

Overall I’d highly recommend working at HBR to anyone interested in consulting and I’d definitely recommend the CFS program to anyone looking to gain additional work experience. It’s an invaluable way to try out additional career paths and get more exposure to narrow down the seemingly excessive number of career paths one can take.