Ariel Talks About Her Amazing Experiences at Groupon


Name: ArYahui (Ariel) Kangiel

Year: Senior

Major: Economics

Minor: Kellogg CPU (Managerial Analytics)

CFS Program: Business Field Studies

When people show interest in my internship at Groupon, I often find it hard to tell them what it is like. It’s so different from a traditional business workplace in many aspects that one cannot just describe it—they have to experience it directly. However, I hope this blog post can provide a snapshot of my experience and provide some reference to future CFS participants.

Groupon, like many other tech companies, has an upbeat work culture that encourages flexibility, open communication, and creativity. People dress casually, work flexible hours, and are free to take off vacation days as long as they get their work done. “One-on-one” meetings are big at Groupon, and people across all levels are willing to talk if you reach out to them. In addition, I love how the company encourages its employees to be entrepreneurs who are not just coming in and punching in hours, but are excited and eager to come up with creative solutions to business problems. You don’t have to follow the “rules” if you have a better idea.

This wonderful opportunity has also exposed me to various aspects of the tech/e-commerce industry with an amazing team of talented and committed people. I remember on my first day, right after my orientation, I was already staffed on five different projects, each with a different focus and learning objective. In particular, I am thrilled to take ownership of some projects that I carry on from conception to execution. I was constantly given opportunities to speak up at meetings and present my accomplishments to my co-workers (and even the CMO!). I have formed very strong professional and personal relationship with these supportive and competent individuals and now it’s really hard to say goodbye.

I would definitely recommend taking advantage of the CFS program while you can. I enjoyed spending the summer at Groupon and it’s been more than great!