Helen on Week 7 of her Winter 2014 Internship

Name: HelenHelen Goldstein
Major: Communication Studies
CFS Program: Field Studies in the Modern Workplace

When I applied to the CFS program, I did so on a whim while studying abroad in the Czech Republic this past fall quarter. As you might expect, being so wrapped up in the study abroad experience can make it difficult to be productive in any respect. Constant weekend getaways, striving to immerse oneself in a culture so different from one’s own, and trying more than anything to get the most out of such a once-in-a-lifetime experience ends up consuming your thoughts, and long story short, it’s hard to think about any responsibilities back at home. So when I applied to CFS, my thoughts on the whole process were “I’ll send in the application, and if I am accepted, I will try to get LiquidThread and LiquidThread only” (I had heard amazing things about this one internship from previous interns and knew it would be the perfect marketing experience for me).

I got accepted to CFS, and continued on in the process of landing my internship among all the abroad craziness. Eventually, after a Skype interview with the utmost worst Internet connection and some more applications and paperwork, I was chosen. Something that seemed like just a small possibility, especially given my current circumstance, suddenly became reality. I am so thankful and ecstatic that it did.

I go to work every day so excited for the experiences and challenges that I will encounter. LiquidThread, for those who do not know, is a branded content company and division of Starcom MediaVest. In non-marketing terms, producing “branded content” means that companies come to LiquidThread seeking to become incorporated into the daily lives of consumers through all forms of engagement. For example, a brands’ message may reach the consumer through any kind of medium—commercials, social media, reality game shows centered on the product, print advertorials, and partnerships with other brands, such as movies, talk shows, etc. are among some. It is LiquidThread’s job to figure out the most effective way to market the brand (a campaign usually encompasses many of these mediums, making LiquidThread campaigns “360”) and then to design and implement those ideas. The best marketing campaigns are said to be those that engage the audience in ways that make them unaware that any marketing is even taking place.

My favorite part of the experience thus far is that the tasks I am given are vital in carrying out any campaign. For example, I have edited commercial scripts in ways that have fully changed that specific commercial, attended meetings and conference calls with clients and vendors in the media and entertainment industry, and participated in brainstorming sessions where I have already seen our ideas brought to life. In short, I feel that the things I do as an intern are things that full-time LiquidThread employees would do too. LiquidThread has given me an environment where I am free to let my creativity run wild and where I feel as important as the branded content director sitting right next to me.

LiquidThread has been the most amazing experience I have gotten to be a part of in my entire life because it has given me an inside look into the field I want to make my future upon graduation. Through hands-on experience and networking with high-ranking executives at one of the world’s largest marketing agencies, I feel like I have an insane advantage for when I become that lost and frightened graduated senior entering the “real-world.”

The CFS program has been the most incredible decision of my life. I hope that by sharing how significantly this internship has impacted me, I am able to encourage you to apply to the program and land an internship that could impact your life in such a way too.